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ManageEngine strengthens Microsoft Office 365 security

ManageEngine has added Office 365 content search capability to its exclusive Office 365 administration solution, O365 Manager Plus.

Available in the latest version of O365 Manager Plus, the new capability notifies administrators when official emails contain personally identifiable information (PII), classified information, and malicious content that may jeopardize the compliance and security of the enterprise.

"With more email moving through Office 365, and our dependency on connectivity swelling, it is high time to focus on our defense strategies against cyberattacks," said Parthiban Paramasivam, product manager at ManageEngine. "That's why we have equipped O365 Manager Plus with the advanced mailbox content search feature to help you secure your email set-up while ensuring compliance to HIPAA, GDPR, and other government and industry mandates."

O365 Manager Plus can analyze internet message headers, which provide technical details on the actual sender's email address, the platform used to compose the email, and the servers it has passed through. This allows IT admins to identify phishing emails sent by an attacker masquerading as a legitimate person. And because mail attachments are one of the most common ways to deliver malware to end user systems, O365 Manager Plus can identify all emails with attachments and notify IT admins when such emails are sent or received.

In addition to the direct losses incurred by the company, there are also the added costs of compensating employees or customers whose data has been stolen, which can cost millions. O365 Manager Plus's robust content search capability can help organizations defend against malicious emails that threaten dire consequences.

More information is available at www.manageengine.com/office365-management-reporting/download.html.

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