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Sterling Energy improves communications and CX with DocStar ECM

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Headquartered in Denver, CO, Sterling Energy Company provides natural gas gathering, processing, infrastructure, and related services to oil and gas production companies throughout the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Since 2011, this has included ongoing investment in the infrastructure necessary to serve producer customers in a safe, responsible, and cost-efficient manner.

In January 2017, Sterling Energy went live with the DocStar ECM system with advanced workflow and reporting as well as Artsyl docAlpha intelligent data capture in January 2017.

Sterling Energy selected the program primarily for being cloud-based and for its ability to improve productivity through enhanced interdepartmental collaboration—especially in the field—and eliminate time-consuming, manual document management processes.

DocStar helped Sterling Energy achieve this productivity by enabling the storage of documents from virtually any input device in a cloud-based environment and accessibility from widely distributed locations. This also involved smoothly integrating with existing software applications to automatically capture, save, and index records for easy retrieval or tracking across multiple versions.

“The marketplace for oil and gas infrastructure providers is extremely competitive,” said Chad Leavitt, chief financial officer, Sterling Energy. “Fortunately, there are strategic means to stay competitive—even in a tight business environment. Performing assets, experienced management, committed investors, thoughtful financial planning, and the agility to meet client needs beyond core requirements are essential.”

Prior to DocStar, Sterling Energy had no way to coordinate and share the details of customer transactions made by its people in the field. Each new record, notation, or purchase request had to be entered from a computer in the company’s offices. The system was incompatible with mobile devices so there was no way to share information from the field in real time. This meant Sterling Energy couldn’t approve new purchases on-the-spot, in front of customers to save time or even share customer updates between sales, support, and office staff as they were happening.

With DocStar ECM, Sterling Energy's invoice approval process has been reduced from a full day to 1 hour. Subsequently, cashflow has increased through the quicker payment of clients, which has lowered the entire sale, invoice, approval, and payment timeframe by about 15 days. This was achieved through a process that has also virtually eliminated invoicing errors, the company says

“DocStar ECM is accessible from anywhere—as long as there is a WiFi connection,” added Kathleen Flanagan, senior financial and project accountant, Sterling Energy.  “Our sales people literally had to drive hours to our headquarters after meeting with clients to input their notes and get new deals approved. This is now done in moments through a tablet. As a result, they’ve been freed to spend far more time generating new business.”

For more information, go to www.docstar.com and www.artsyltech.com.

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