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Quark Unveils Smart Content Toolkit in New Release of Content Automation Platform

Quark Software has introduced a new release of the company’s content automation platform.

Quark’s content automation platform has been designed to transform the lifecycle of business-critical content—from creation and management to publishing and delivery. The new release advances the platform’s usability and output accessibility, and features a brand new toolkit focused on accelerating speed to value.

The latest release of the Quark Content Automation Platform includes the Smart Content Toolkit, a set of capabilities designed to help the rapid deployment of content automation and accelerate time to value. The Smart Content Toolkit provides a UI-driven approach to tasks that previously required code development. This reduces the need for developer skill sets by simplifying content modeling and stylesheet development, which in turn helps increase project velocity.

According to Dave White, CTO for Quark, the new Smart Content Toolkit accelerates the path to results by “a time-order of magnitude,” allowing what used to take months to be done in a week, what used to take weeks to be done in days, and what used to take days to be done in hours.

The toolkit includes Smart Content Designer and Smart Content Builder, both of which minimize the need for complex XML skills.

Smart Content Designer: The release helps designers apply styles to enterprise publishing templates using the layout power of QuarkXPress. Users can define new styles for enterprise document models, preview results, and drive new capabilities for personalization using metadata conditions.

Smart Content Builder: The public beta version allows information architects to rapidly build new content types in Quark Publishing Platform. Users can build new models with a user interface and get the benefits of Smart Content, without needing to know XML schema syntax.

The latest content automation platform release also brings about advances to usability, output accessibility, collaborative review, proofing, API updates, infrastructure modernization, XMP metadata, as well as additional capabilities. 

For more information, go to www.quark.com

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