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Smarsh and Actiance Finalize Merger

Smarsh has completed its merger with Actiance.  In 2017, K1 Investment Management announced the acquisition of Actiance, a provider of communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, for the purpose of combining with Smarsh. The combined company now serves more than 6,500 customers globally, with specialized solutions for financial services organizations, government agencies, and companies with recordkeeping, supervision and e-discovery obligations. The combined company will now operate under the Smarsh brand.

Smarsh provides product and service engagements fitting customers of all sizes, offering on-premise and cloud capture, and multi-tenant and private, single-tenant cloud archiving deployments. It supports the capture and archiving of more than 80 content types, a number that is steadily growing as the company stays ahead of adoption cycles for modern and emerging business e-communications. Smarsh employs more than 600 employees worldwide, with increased engineering and support scale, coverage and capacity.

Smarsh has also launched its new suite of product offerings, encompassing electronic communications capture, archiving, supervision, e-discovery and control. The suite is designed to help customers embrace the growing number of communication channels that drive business and to meet their electronic communications retention and oversight obligations.

The Smarsh Connected Suite is a new product framework leveraging the familiar, best-of-breed technologies from both Actiance and Smarsh.

As business becomes more social, mobile and collaborative, they are trying to keep pace with changing customer preferences while  at the same time working to solve their regulatory compliance challenges, explained Anthony West, CTO, Smarsh.

“With the Smarsh Connected Suite, organizations can choose how they respond to the changing dynamics of their customers and employees, enable their business to maximize the power of the communications channels of today and tomorrow, and proactively manage the associated risk to better protect their organization,” he noted.

The Archiving Platform from Smarsh and the Actiance suite (Alcatraz, Vantage and Socialite), both recently recognized as 2018 Trend-Setting Products by KMWorld magazine, benefit from the convergence of each other’s unique capabilities, as well as the new level of scale, development and investment resources from the combined organization.

For more information on the Smarsh Connected Suite, with specialized packages for financial services and government customers, go to www.smarsh.com/products.

The company has also launched a new website, providing additional insight into how Smarsh helps customers solve their provide capture, archiving and monitoring needs across the broadest range of electronic communications, including email, social media, mobile messaging, instant messaging/collaboration and voice communications.

For more information, visit www.smarsh.com.

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