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Rivet Logic Corporation, Mike Vertal, President & CEO on Forward Thinking Organizations and Digital Transformation

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Digital technologies are changing how businesses are interacting with people. As the number of digital channels have increased, so have customer demands and expectations. Customers today want their needs both anticipated and fulfilled, expecting faster, more convenient and more personalized services delivered on their terms every time they interact with your business.

Meanwhile, employees demand the same level of experience in the workplace. They want to be empowered—through user-friendly tools that help them be more productive in their everyday tasks, while facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization.

Forward thinking organizations are undergoing digital transformations, putting the right technology and processes in place to deliver compelling digital experiences that exceed expectations. For customers, this means a consistent and continuous experience across all touchpoints throughout their customer journey. And for employees, it means a digital workplace that supports an agile work environment catering to a variety of work styles.

Your technology needs to be agile, with the ability to integrate various digital technologies so they work well together, while leveraging data to provide actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Rivet Logic is honored to be recognized—for the tenth year in a row—as an industry leader helping modern organizations build riveting digital experiences, ranging from customer experiences that drive more revenue to employee experiences that drive higher productivity. Our technical approach—focusing on leading open source and cloud-based software—has proven to be incredibly successful. Which digital experiences can we help build for your enterprise?

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