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Axway Partners with Elastic Beam to Leverage AI for API Security

Axway has announced a global partnership with Elastic Beam, a Silicon Valley-based company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to protect APIs. Together, Axway and Elastic Beam plan to help organizations achieve optimal security and ecosystem engagement by leveraging an AI engine, integrated with Axway API Gateway, that automatically detects and blocks new attacks on APIs. The Elastic Beam integration leverages pre-configured Axway API Gateway policy available through Axway Marketplace that enables customers control over their environment.

According to Axway, as an essential element for modernizing IT infrastructures, APIs represent a new attack surface that is increasingly targeted by hackers to take over accounts, steal critical consumer and business data, delete important information, commit fraud and conduct other harmful activity, including DDoS attacks on APIs.

As a result, there has been an increase in API attacks globally and most go undetected because organizations are still wrestling with this new set of threats, said Bernard Harguindeguy, CEO, Elastic Beam.

To protect organizations against those threats, infrastructures need to not only leverage the security of the API gateway, but also need to dynamically identify and block hackers. Elastic Beam uses an advanced AI engine to sort out API sessions and traffic to identify what is abnormal or suspicious for automated termination.

By combining the Elastic Beam solution with Axway AMPLIFY API Management, which enables organizations to manage the API lifecycle, customers can secure their digital assets against emerging cyber threats while providing complete visibility over their environments.

Axway implements access control, and then rate limiting or quota for authorized consumers, and Elastic Beam complements this by identifying atypical behavior based on the usage pattern of APIs, allowing Axway to detect attacks even with valid credentials, added Suraj Kumar, VP Solution Management, Axway.

For more details, go to www.axway.com and www.elasticbeam.com.


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