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Measured Search Rebrands as SearchStax

Measured Search is changing its name to SearchStax. According to the company, the new name better represents the company's commitment to delivering enterprise-class cloud services and software for Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

SearchStax offers software and services that automate Solr or Elasticsearch management and administration in the cloud, help improve stability and performance, provide end-user search analytics, and provide on demand search expertise.

Having grown from a boutique search consultancy serving a handful of customers to an open source software-as-a-service business supported with managed and professional services with hundreds of deployments, the company says, the new name aligns the company's brand and mission to deliver products and services to help innovators deliver relevant and engaging digital experiences.

The industry has evolved over the last decade from one dominated by large proprietary on-premise search solutions to one enabled by the widespread adoption of open source technologies and the cloud, said Sameer Maggon, founder and CEO, SearchStax. Customers increasingly place a high priority on cloud migration and while they are willing to pay for the value provided by software and services, they are increasingly reluctant to commit to high licensing costs, he added.

Over the last year, SearchStax says it has made progress with its open source search in the cloud, including the launch of SearchStax Cloud Private AWS / Azure. For applications that require high security, SearchStax Cloud Private AWS and SearchStax Cloud Private Azure secures a customer's search infrastructure within a Virtual Private Cloud / Virtual Network and enables traffic through VPC /VNET peering, effectively isolating search infrastructure from other applications and traffic. The company also launched SearchStax ElasticSearch Service, which hosts, deploys, and manages Elasticsearch applications in any cloud, and has made enhancements to SearchStax Analytics which creates actionable search analytics for customers by enabling search analytics at the query level, allowing search teams to gain insights around what users are searching for and how to optimize for search relevance.

For more information, go to www.searchstax.com.

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