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Workflow improvements lead to more jobs and satisfied customers

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Kirona Solutions, a provider of mobile workforce automation and field service optimization solutions in the United Kingdom, wanted to integrate data from complex systems in a timely, effective manner.

As Kirona quickly expanded its business, it began working with a local Council that needed a more efficient way to manage scheduling for property maintenance engineers. The Council’s proprietary back-office system incorporated a legacy third-party application that the Kirona team needed to access. While the legacy system did have some application programming interfaces (APIs) in place, the original solution vendor proposed a fee to access them that Kirona found prohibitively expensive.

Recognizing that it would encounter similar issues with prospective clients in the future, Kirona searched for a solution that would connect and create APIs non-invasively. A critical requirement for the new system was the ability to integrate data from standard data sources such as Oracle, IBM and Salesforce.com, and capture that data without compromising the business logic in the original system.

Kirona ultimately chose Rocket API from Rocket Software. Kirona CTO Neil Harvey explains, “Rocket had completed thousands of implementations, proving the technology was repeatable and robust enough to manage what we saw as a small window to position ourselves as the dominant player in a rapidly emerging market."

As further reason to choose Rocket API, Harvey’s team pointed to its ease of use, from fewer required clicks to built-in intelligence that makes it simple to share data with different systems.

Harvey says, “Rocket’s strength is helping customers build services and apps without requiring access to the source code. It records the back-end calls made when exercising the existing applications and transforms those into APIs that can be called from modern web and mobile applications that you develop. The current database and application are not disturbed by this process, but your end users gain new access to your existing capabilities and data.”

According to Rocket, its technology enables clients to channel workflow improvements to ultimately process more jobs and improve customer satisfaction.

Harvey says, “Many of our clients see an immediate reduction in travel time, as their workers no longer have to travel into an office to pick up an assignment. Instead, they’re receiving up-to-the-minute requests on their mobile device.”

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