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Oracle Live Experience Cloud Targets the Mobile Generation

Oracle has announced its Live Experience Cloud, a customer engagement service for the mobile generation. Oracle Live Experience Cloud is aimed at helping organizations deal with new customer requirements and deliver, real-time, contextual experiences across channels to help resolve customer issues, drive greater customer loyalty, and increase satisfaction by engaging users. 

A recent report titled “The Future of Enterprise Communications: The Cloud Redefines Customer Experience” noted that while 65% of companies agree communications embedded within cloud applications will become the dominant way of communicating with employees, suppliers and customers, many lack the ability to do so effectively.

With the mobile and digital landscape shaping the way customers interact with businesses, companies must quickly adapt to changing expectations to deliver frictionless, real-time, contextual experiences across channels. Oracle Live Experience Cloud enables embedded contextual data and business analytics so users can easily switch between channels without losing key information already shared. Regardless of the customer’s preferred channel, the user have a streamlined experience while the business gains customer insights that can be leveraged within its core business applications.

A cloud-native solution, Oracle Live Experience Cloud can be integrated into web and mobile apps and used to engage customers at key moments of their individual journey. It modernizes existing Call Center and CRM solutions, supporting enterprise digital transformation efforts employees to deliver contextual and responsive cross-channel engagements that satisfy the customer and ultimately drive sales. Finally, businesses can optimize engagement success by measuring interactions in real-time and provisioning updates to further improve overall business results.

More information is available from the Oracle Live Experience Cloud Solutions Brief

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