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Trend-Setting Product of 2017: Cambridge Semantics: Anzo Smart Data Lake

Anzo Smart Data Lake (ASDL) offers an end to end, fully integrated, highly customizable, and governed Big Data management and exploratory analytic solution for data-driven organizations.

ASDL works with any combination of diverse data far more quickly by deploying flexible graph models to deliver superior insights and actionable information.

The key differentiators that accelerate ASDL’s time to value are:

  • Graph Foundation—Graph models offer an inherent flexibility, pushing the modeling, integration and analytics decisions closer to the end-user, reducing time to value in dynamic business environments
  • In-Memory Speed and Scale—ASDL has horizontally scalable ingestion and query capabilities that channel the power of cloud computing into accelerating value
  • Model-driven intuition—ASDL’s Discovery and Analytics tools make it fast and easy to explore and analyze all of your data, including using your own toolsets

Cambridge Semantics, Inc.
500 Boylston Street
Suite 1700
Boston, MA 02116-3736

PH: (617) 245-0517
E-mail: info@cambridge semantics.com
Web: www.cambridgesemantics.com

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