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BA Insight Introduces SmartHub Intelligent, Cloud-Based Search Solution

BA Insight has introduced SmartHub, a new solution that leverages the latest cloud-based search and cognitive computing services from Microsoft, Google, and Elastic.  The application can be used alone or in combination with other products in the BA Insight Software Portfolio to give customers the flexibility to choose among the best available technology to fit their environment, preferences, and the job at hand.  

SmartHub supports Azure Search, Elasticsearch (Elasticsearch on-premise and Elastic Cloud), and SharePoint search (SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016), as well as cognitive image processing using Google Cloud Vision or Microsoft Azure Computer Vision to find objects, themes, and text from photos and illustrations in image files or embedded within documents. 

It allows machine learning-based personalization and recommendations using behavioral data with BA Insight’s Smart Analytics, and personalized, dynamic views of related data such as “new documents related to my projects,” “people involved in today’s meetings,” or “research drafts relevant to my clients’ portfolio.”  Enabling simultaneous access to content from over 60 enterprise systems, such as Box, Jive, Veeva Vault, iManage, and Confluence, using BA Insight connectors, Smart Hub also offers a complete set of search controls using metadata from BA Insight’s AutoClassifier.

The SmartHub introduction is a key step in BA Insight’s strategy to deliver intelligent search that is proactive, interactive, connected, and extensible, said Jeff Fried, BA Insight’s CTO. The new solution has a clean, modern, mobile-aware design and full extensibility, and is part of the company’s best-of-breed approach to give customers flexibility, he added.

Key features of SmartHub include an internet-like user experience with a cloud-based UI that offers visual refiners, intelligent type-ahead, and configurable results presentation; personalized and relevant information delivery leveraging dynamic query modification that taps into each user’s context to provide personalized dashboards and highly relevant results; and support for multiple platforms to enable users to select the best search engine and cognitive services for the job, or mix-and-match to handle a wide range of applications. 

For more information on SmartHub, go to www.BAinsight.com.  

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