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CTERA Updates Enterprise File Services Platform

CTERA Networks has introduced version 6.0 of its enterprise file services platform, which enables workers to access, share and protect files in the cloud as if they were stored locally on their desktop or on shared network drives, without being constrained by local storage capacity or security compromises.  With the delivery of version 6.0, CTERA says, it is providing customers with unified file services for endpoints, offices and servers with security and IT control spanning data migration, governance, and choice of cloud.

Today, enterprise IT departments are responsible for improving the productivity and effectiveness of their organization’s knowledge workers, and enabling workers to access the data they need at the right time is central to this responsibility, said CTERA CEO and co-founder Liran Eshel.  CTERA 6.0, he noted, is designed to boost collaboration and productivity by allowing users to access and share relevant files without the limitations posed by local disk capacity and without time-consuming steps to access or share those files.

According to CTERA, new capabilities in version 6.0 include distributed caching and support for universal extended access control lists (ACLs).

CTERA agents and gateways transparently manage files between remote users and offices and the cloud while optimizing file server and endpoint storage utilization.  The CTERA caching engine leverages CTERA’s global deduplication engine to accelerate synchronization of enterprise data.

CTERA also preserves pre-existing enterprise file access controls and enables users to migrate their remote office shares to a file server free agent-based desktop/laptop experience.  ACLs follow files across office file servers, desktops and even mobile devices.

Version 6.0 is delivered as a software upgrade to the CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways and to the CTERA Cloud Drive desktop and mobile clients.

For more information, go to www.ctera.com.

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