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M-Files Partners with Esri to Integrate Mapping Technology with Information Management

M-Files, a provider of information management software, is partnering with Esri, a provider of smart-mapping technology. The companies are integrating Esri ArcGIS mapping technology with M-Files to provide in-context access to important documents and information residing in other systems directly from the ArcGIS map-based user interface.

The combined M-Files and Esri solution is aimed at allowing users to more easily find, access and manage information using intuitive maps, aerial photography and spatially-related data.

M-Files bridges the gap between the ArcGIS mapping system and other databases and systems such as ERP, records and asset management,  and enterprise content management (ECM) systems.  According to the vendors, this moves beyond 3D GIS and simply locating documents on a map up through 6D analysis and decision support with real-time integration of budget, time, task resourcing and other variables directly within the mapping interface. The result is that organizations that manage location-based information, such as governmental agencies, energy producers, logistics and distribution companies, utilities and others, can do so faster and more efficiently.

M-Files already has customers in multiple sectors that use the Esri ArcGIS mapping system to help manage business assets and related operations, and it has been able to help them by providing access to a variety of information and processes in context, directly within the mapping user interface, said Mika Javanainen, vice president of product management at M-Files.

M-Files, which helps businesses break down information silos to access the most relevant information, provides a strong complement to ArcGIS, which is focused on organizing and analyzing information spatially by enabling a 360-degree view of related information intuitively and dynamically organized by considerations such as asset, case, project, process stage, Javanainen noted.

For more about Esri, go to esri.com/news, and for more information, visit www.m-files.com.


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