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Sinequa Integrates Google Translate and IBM Watson Alchemy to its Search Platform

Sinequa, a provider of cognitive search and analytics, is adding artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its platform.

These capabilities leverage Google Vision and Translate as well as IBM Watson Alchemy for Image Recognition and Speech-to-text.

These additions bolster related capabilities already in place with the existing integrations for Microsoft Azure Media Services for image and video treatment.

The new AI capabilities benefit from the mount of text and images available on the Web, far beyond anything a single enterprise could have available internally.

Sinequa customers can now easily translate text in a large number of languages, analyze and tag images and transcribe video conversations, enriching the Sinequa Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) with the results.

Sinequa continues to broaden its support of increasing volumes and diversity of enterprise data retained in Cloud, Hadoop and on-premise Enterprise Applications with a constantly growing family of 150+ smart connectors.

For more information about this news, visit www.sinequa.com

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