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Mindbreeze, Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO: View From The Top

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Digitalization Is Not Enough

Data gets collected and data gets digitalized, yet data is still most prevalent in its idle mode. The result is a veritable data jungle, rich in precious ready-to-pick data fruits, if only they could be found. Powerful information insight can make all the difference—the difference between combing the forest in vain, and pinpointing exactly what you were searching for.

The most crucial benefit of Mindbreeze InSpire is its unique and circumspect information insight. Its 360-degree view enables a broad overview of current processes, customers, suppliers, responsibilities, and expertise from every department. By semantically connecting all data sources, Mindbreeze empowers decision makers to effectively utilize previously uncharted pieces of information.

The powerhouse of this engine is a self-learning system. A virtual brain that is proactively nurtured by user inputs to be able to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. Using sophisticated algorithms, Mindbreeze aligns the individual query with queries from the past to display “the” answer instead of endless results. Non-data scientists are thereby given the chance to fully leverage this technology by being provided with non-technical and comprehensible insights—insights they can turn into effective responsive action.

The system enables users to formulate a query in natural language. With more than 450 connectors, Mindbreeze seamlessly fits into your existing enterprise environment.

Mindbreeze is your intelligent assistant to illuminate what your company knows.


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