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dtSearch Updates Text Search Product Line

dtSearch has announced the release of version 7.85 of the dtSearch product line, which can instantly search terabytes of text across a range of document types, emails and attachments, databases and other web data with more than 25 full-text and metadata search options.

The products - dtSearch Desktop, Network, Web and Publish – require no programming for searching content across a desktop, network, internet/intranet sites and portable media, respectively. 

For dtSearch Desktop, Network, Web and Publish users, the new version offers an option to highlight different search terms using up to 10 different highlight colors.  For dtSearch Engine users, the release expands available multicolor hit-highlighting API flags for programmers.  The release also includes new builds of the dtSearch Engine for Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The new version also further expands the dtSearch document filters built into the dtSearch product line and also available for separate developer licensing.  Updates to the document filters include support for certain encrypted MS Office formats and support for EMF Spool (*.SPL) files (relevant for forensics' users).

dtSearch's developer SDK product, the dtSearch Engine, has 64-bit and 32-bit .NET, C++ and Java APIs, with SDKs for Windows and Linux, along with Mac and Android in beta. 

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