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BA Insight Introduces Expertise Locator

BA Insight has introduced Expertise Locator, software that can be used to identify and engage with experts in an organization to enable employees to take advantage of their company’s collective intelligence.  Expertise Locator runs on Microsoft SharePoint and leverages BA Insight’s connectors to aggregate information from internal systems.

According to the vendor, BA Insight Expertise Locator taps diverse sources to define experts’ digital footprints – including documents, user profiles, tags, work and billing records, project histories, bios, blogs, posted discussions, and emails. It allows users to drill down, specify what they are looking for, and filter across experts’ profiles and related records, and provides evidence for why experts are ranked as they are.

Users can also take advantage of internet-like sliders to perform interactive exploration of the tradeoffs between criteria, as well as compare options using an "Expert Cart" to select and compare experts.  Skype integration enables chat, phone, video, or email directly from results or from the Expert Cart.

The ability to find the correct people is a challenge in nearly every organization and this issue can have an impact on productivity, according to Massood Zarrabian, CEO of BA Insight.  As a result, employees are increasingly looking beyond their corporate directories and turning toward enterprise and social platforms such as Yammer, Chatter, SharePoint, and Salesforce as sources. By taking advantage of information from many different sources, the new solution, he said, makes it easier to identify individuals with valuable expertise within an organization. 

For more information, visit http://bainsight.com/expertise-locator.

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