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BA Insight Announces Support for SharePoint 2016

Following Microsoft’s RTM of SharePoint 2016, BA Insight has introduced support for SharePoint 2016 and cloud hybrid search with SharePoint 2016.

“BA Insight has worked closely with Microsoft for years, and we’re thrilled to see them release great products in lockstep with our new release,” said Bill Baer, Microsoft’s senior technical product manager for SharePoint, in a statement released by BA Insight.  “Hybrid is a key part of SharePoint 2016, and BA Insight provides capabilities that let Office 365 customers take advantage of our cloud experiences for all their content.  BA Insight has also worked with us to fill some important gaps, such as adding CEWS and entity extraction to their product to offset the fact that these aren’t supported with the OOB Cloud SSA.”

With this support, BA says it is providing its existing customers with a “smooth upgrade path” to take advantage of Microsoft’s new capabilities. Organizations using SharePoint and Office 365 can combine SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, and Office 365. Organizations using SharePoint 2016 can now include content from outside of SharePoint in their intranets, automatically add consistent metadata, and use pre-built applications from BA Insight to deliver “an internet-like experience” to their users. Users of Office 365 can also create hybrid configurations that include content from different line-of-business systems.

The BA Insight products and capabilities leveraging SharePoint 2016 include connectors to more than 50 systems; classification software that uses text analytics to create metadata, leveraging SharePoint’s Managed Metadata Service; previews of documents to allow users to find and re-use content regardless of format or location; graphical refiners to speed search for content; and analytics for SharePoint to help an organization improve its insight into the user experience.

Visit www.BAinsight.com for more information.

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