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Attensity Unveils DiscoverCore to Surface New Business Insights

Attensity, a provider of text analytics solutions, has introduced a new version of its Semantic Annotation SDK product, now called Attensity “DiscoverCore.” Through new partnerships with Informatica, an enterprise integration platform, and Tableau Software, which provides data visualization software, DiscoverCore now enables the aggregation and delivery of automated insights within existing workflows. 

"Enterprises are eager to make sense of the mass of text and unstructured data they accumulate every day," said Howard Lau, CEO of Attensity. "For companies that want to build their own custom solutions, the combination of DiscoverCore's text analytics, Tableau's reporting and visualization, and the Informatica Cloud enterprise integration platform now allows businesses to deploy best-of-breed components within their existing workflows."

"Voice-of-customer and other customer intelligence workflows draw on many disparate data sources, from surveys and emails, to CRM and ERP records," added Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, Informatica Cloud. "The combination of the Informatica Cloud, Attensity's DiscoverCore text analytics engine and Tableau's visualization allow enterprises to build powerful systems no matter where their data comes from."

Leveraging patented natural language processing technology, DiscoverCore includes an SDK and server application that intelligently analyzes unstructured text from any internal and external data source to identify themes and surface accurate, relevant categories to the end user. Incorporating these text-based insights into internal systems already in place offers better control over how the data is stored and visualized, ensuring compliance is maintained.

"Our partnership combines Attensity's sophisticated analysis of unstructured text from disparate data sources sourced through our strategic integration partner, Informatica, with our ability to visualize and represent the surfaced insights in a way that makes sense to the business," said Dan Kogan, director of product marketing at Tableau. "Doing so empowers customers to easily keep a pulse on key business, customer and industry trends for smarter decision making."

According to Attensity, DiscoverCore understands how language really is used, "reading" it rather than relying on a simple "bag-of-words" approach, and it can evaluate sentiment, intent, preferences and concerns.  With the ability to parse data through existing workflows, users are able to access actionable insights when and where they need them. In addition, enterprises can output to any data source for more control over where and how data is stored to support compliance efforts.

More information about the latest version of DiscoverCore is available at www.attensity.com/attensity-discover-core.

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