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Coveo Self-Learning Relevance Service Now Available in Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition

Coveo, a provider of intelligent search software, has announced that, following several months of beta testing, the self-learning and tuning relevance capabilities featured in its new Coveo Reveal service are now available in Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition at no charge to Coveo customers. 

As a self-learning service, the company says, Coveo Reveal automatically and continuously improves the relevance of search results, and builds on Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition by making proactive recommendations and query suggestions faster and easier than ever before for greater self-service success.

Coveo Reveal is a patent-pending, analytics-based machine learning service that analyzes search behavior patterns to understand which results and content lead to the best outcomes, such as customers finding information they need without intervention from support teams.

On Salesforce Communities, Reveal understands what helps customers solve their own challenges, and tunes the Coveo Intelligent Search engine to respond to a specific search or make a recommendation based on what other similar users within a community have found to be most useful, thus allowing it be responsive to changes in user activity based on seasonal variations, news, new products, and user preference trends.

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