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North Carolina communities enhance engagement with citizens

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The city of Charlotte, N.C., and Mecklenburg County are deploying technology from Verint to enhance citizen service in their 311 call center known as CharMeck. Verint Engagement Management is aimed at helping to support citizen engagement, service case management and resolution.

CharMeck is the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County’s citizen service and information line for city and county services. The Verint solution will help with decision-making and empower call center agents with access to an extensive knowledgebase, real-time reporting and integration to critical backend information systems.

Janice Quintana, CharMeck 311 director, says, “CharMeck 311 is the public’s access to Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Our goal is to leverage the latest generation of technology so we can support availability through whatever tool the citizen, taxpayer and public finds convenient.

Quintana adds, “Our deployment of Verint Engagement Management will give us another tool to provide exceptional citizen service that our agents will find very intuitive. A lot of things they used to do manually will now be built into the system to drive better, faster and more accurate service, so we can create and manage more positive experiences across all channels.”

With its hosted cloud deployment, CharMeck311 can help maximize time to value and minimize the need for internal IT support resources, according to Verint. The multiphased, multiyear rollout began in 2014.

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