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  • September 11, 2015
  • News

BP Logix announces Process Director 4.0

BP Logix has unveiled Process Director 4.0. This latest version of the flagship product blends goal-driven actions, data virtualization, new and enhanced dashboards, as well as a customized user experience. Process Director 4.0 also features enhanced case management capabilities. It will be available in Q4 in both on-premise and cloud versions.

With the industry’s only unified modeling and execution platform for both traditional and case-style processes, Process Director 4.0, the company says, builds on its Process Timeline foundation to make it easier to rapidly develop robust adaptive case management and hybrid case/traditional applications.

BP Logix emphasizes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Data virtualization—Process Director’s “business values” are a simple and convenient way for process owners to access business data whenever and wherever needed, while ensuring that the appropriate controls are always in place. Business values are a “set and forget” technology, defined once and available for reuse by process owners in any e-form, goal, business rule or Process Timeline.
  • Goals—Users can launch workflow applications or change the behavior of in-flight processes, triggered by changes in the environment. For example, they can send notifications and delay or cancel pending transactions if the company’s risk profile exceeds a certain threshold. Goals ensure that workflow apps are aware of, and responsive to, the the actual developments that impact the business.
  • Case management—The company says Process Director’s Process Timeline is the industry’s only unified workflow and case management modeling and execution platform. Every segment and every activity within a Process Timeline is launched only when the specified set of conditions required for its execution have been met. Combined with Process Timeline’s ability to launch ad hoc activities and to invite other users to participate in or take ownership of activities, Process Director emerges as an ideal platform for case-driven business applications.
  • Expanded mobile capabilities—Version 4.0 allows users to specify multiple designs for a single e-form, conditionally presenting the appropriate version based on the configuration. This “multi-viewer” functionality enables users to create forms that are crafted specifically for the environment or device on which they are presented.

  • In addition to these major features, Process Director 4.0 includes dozens of enhancements to make it easier to create robust and effective business applications.

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