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  • August 20, 2015
  • News

Adobe launches learning management system

Adobe has introduced Captivate Prime, a new self-service learning management system (LMS) that allows learning professionals to setup, deliver and track any form of learning, according to the company. The cloud-based offering, is designed to complement Adobe’s other e-learning tools, including the simultaneously released Adobe Captivate 9.

Adobe explains the new Fluidic Player in Captivate Prime provides learners with a unified playback experience for virtually any kind of content. Fluidic Player also allows learners to bookmark or add explanatory notes at any point in their content, permitting later reference. Further, says Adobe, it enables learners to view their progress within a personal dashboard that indicates courses completed or pending, recommended courses, skills attained, badges received and information on activities that can earn them more badges and points. The dashboard also launches a leaderboard where learners can compare their performance against peers. Additionally, the Captivate Prime app downloads learning content onto a tablet, making it available for offline access and auto syncs when the learner is back online.

Adobe says Captivate 9 facilitates responsive e-learning initiatives by empowering trainers, educators and instructional designers to create nearly any kind of e-learning content for both desktops and mobile devices. The new version extends authoring capabilities to mobile devices through Adobe Captivate Draft, a new storyboarding app. When used in tandem with Captivate 9, Captivate Draft automates the process of converting ideas into storyboards complete with more complex e-earning elements, such as content and question slides and branching logic. Once done, the storyboard can be imported from the app into 9 and course building can continue.

Courses created in Captivate 9 can be enhanced using SVG graphics or by selecting content from a new library of more than 25,000 exclusive e-learning assets, such as games, interactions, scenarios, characters and more.

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