Access Innovations releases Data Harmony 3.10

Access Innovations has launched Version 3.10 of the Data Harmony Suite, which provides content management solutions to improve information organization by systematically applying a taxonomy or thesaurus in total integration with content extraction methods. The company says MAIstro, the flagship software module of the Data Harmony product line, combines Thesaurus Master (for taxonomy creation and maintenance) with M.A.I. (Machine Aided Indexer) for interactive text analysis and better subject tagging. XIS (XML Intranet System) offers content management and metadata creation tools.

Data Harmony Version 3.10 now allows much easier use of the software from non-Java based platforms, such as PHP, .NET, etc. It has always been possible to connect to the software using a non-Java platform, but this allows a broader base of users easy access to the Data Harmony software.

The company reports systemwide improvements include:

  • expanded API options,
  • an improved user interface that includes the ability to change font style and size for improved customizability, and
  • updated notifications.

Improvements to M.A.I. include:

  • color-coding and line numbering in the Rule Building screen, increasing manageability of long rules;
  • a new dropdown suggested syntax code menu, making rule building easier and more viewable; and
  • an expanded maximum rule length, facilitating even the most complex concepts.

Thesaurus Master includes the following improvements:

  • assignment of multiple facet notations to a single thesaurus term,
  • drag-and-drop functionality in the thesaurus view, and
  • ability to double-click a term in the thesaurus view to change the term.

XIS improvements include:

  • unlimited search parameter fields for unlimited granularity;
  • multiple ways to sort search results for improved customization; and
  • the ability to change field colors of the GUI, allowing users to highlight specific fields.

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