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KMS lighthouse, Yossi Caspi, CEO: View From the Top

The greatest challenge companies deal with today is transforming customer engagement into sales. This begins with a good customer experience and the ability to transform customer interactions, and potential customer interactions, into actionable knowledge.

Our goal at KMS lighthouse is to provide companies with knowledge that will transform company agents into experts and transform companies into experts in their markets. By enabling each representative, on any channel, to get quick and precise answers to his or her natural language questions, and by assisting companies to gain insight through customer requests, companies can preserve their customers’ loyalty, improve company efficiency and plan a smart sales engagement with potential customers they would have no other way to interact with, thus, increasing sales.

For example, banks can offer personalized loans to different types of existing customers, reduce FCR and create a personalized offer suited for a potential customer.

With Lighthouse unique knowledge structuring technologies, insightful data and brilliant UI, we deliver on a promise to allow you to deliver on your promise. KMS lighthouse is quick to implement, requiring less than four months. Global players who have implemented KMS lighthouse products have received a return on their investment in less than a year. Therefore, it’s no surprise, but a great honor, that KMWorld selected us for the 2014 Promise Award and Gartner selected KMS lighthouse for its 2014 Cool Vendors List.

For further details please contact us at www.kmslh.com, sales@kmslh.com.

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