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One-stop content for 7-Eleven

Speed and cost efficiency are two of the features sought by convenience store chain 7-Eleven in implementing a new content integration system. The technology the retailer chose will enable store operators and employees at 5,800 locations in the United States and Canada to access vital reports, nuggets of knowledge, documents, images and other data across its information delivery system.

Implementation of Systemware's Xact system is expected to result in an estimated 20% reduction in 7-Eleven's printing costs and in new efficiency throughout the company's North American business operations, according to a recent press release.

"One of our strategies at 7-Eleven," says Keith Morrow, 7-Eleven's VP of information systems and CIO, "is to use technology to improve our processes to reduce costs, and maintain a leadership position in the convenience retailing industry. With Xact, we will be able to access business information in seconds rather than hours, which will improve efficiencies across the organization."

The new system will be accessible to thousands of users through 7-Eleven's information portal, 7-Connect. Users will be able to isolate target data quickly by using the system's global indexing functionality. Rather than print entire reports and manually scan for specific information, users can search for the information within a single report or query multiple reports, documents and images across the enterprise to view only the information needed. The solution will provide access to reports created by legacy applications and enterprise resource planning systems, as well as scanned images. It also will provide browser-based access and automated e-mail distribution.

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