• October 19, 2015
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kCura unveils Relativity 9.3

kCura, developers of the e-discovery software Relativity, has unveiled Relativity 9.3, which includes a new interface that gives users control over how they see and interact with their data and can better find and analyze information.

The new interface allows users to:

  • analyze and interact with data in new ways—create pivot charts and tables from any field of metadata or coding information, save them as widgets to see at a glance where different types of information intersect and click into the widget to drill down further;
  • simplify complex searches—quickly add criteria and drag and drop conditions into logic groups; and
  • create custom dashboards—drag and drop data visualization widgets and lists anywhere on the page and save work as a dashboard for easy access to particular business needs, such as easy reporting on case progress or quick identification of data trends.

Available to the general public Nov. 23, kCura reports that Relativity 9.3 has 115 new features including:

  • greater performance and productivity in Processing, including support for E01 files, as well as the ability to process and extract text with mixed use of Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages simultaneously;
  • tighter integration between Relativity Processing and Data Grid to start review sooner, even for the largest cases;
  • the ability to store billions of documents per case in Data Grid, Relativity's NoSQL data store, as well as immediate search capabilities while data is loading; and
  • publicly available APIs for data query and analysis, search construction and processing, giving developers more flexibility with the platform, such as the ability to build interactive interfaces and programmatically execute processing jobs.

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