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iManage Updates Work Product Management Platform

iManage has announced the release of iManage Work 10, a redesign of its document and email management application, which includes new features that help professionals work more productively on any device from anywhere. Delivered through elastic cloud-scale services or as an on-premises deployment, iManage 10 features a redesigned user experience that offers a single, mobile-first user experience, intuitive user interface, and personalized search.

Separately, iManage has also announced iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Threat Manager.

Supporting greater efficiency, iManage Work 10 leverages AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to enhance user productivity by eliminating traditional friction points in common tasks and by anticipating user needs based on historical data. Capabilities such as smart work lists automatically track and provide one click access to all recent clients, matters or engagements, emails, and documents, saving time and allowing users to stay on top of changes in all relevant work product, while smart timelines help make it easier to access prior versions and understand how a document has evolved and who has changed or viewed it.

Alongside iManage Work 10, iManage Cloud services have also been enhanced to deliver greater reliability, performance, and scale.  iManage Work 10 also features a new administrative control center that offers web-based administration of common tasks such as workspace design, file unlocking, and security settings to simplify the deployment and ongoing management of iManage environments.

With a responsive web interface, intuitive workflow navigation, predictive search capabilities and versatile timeline views, iManage Work is aimed at increasing productivity, reduces cost-of-ownership and making it easy for teams to collaborate in a secure and governed manner, said Dan Carmel, iManage CMO. Combined with iManage Cloud, he noted, the new release delivers an intuitive platform for work product management that enables professionals to be more productive.

Delivering security enhancements to iManage’s work product management platform, the company also introduced iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Threat Manager.

iManage Security Policy Manager enables professional services firms to manage their global security policies, including need-to-know access to sensitive content, ethical walls, and internal segregation of other material to minimize the impact of a security breach. In addition to securing iManage content, Security Policy Manager is able to secure content across a wide range of non-iManage repositories, including network file shares, and time and billing systems. Tight integration between iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Work enables security changes to be applied automatically without the system stress and performance lag that many third party ethical wall products cause on creation of a new policy, as no re-filing or re-indexing of content is necessary.

The second new security product, iManage Threat Manager, helps protect sensitive data by identifying malicious attacks, or internal threats. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of CIOs, CISOs and compliance officers looking for advanced solutions to protect sensitive data, Threat Manager is also integrated with iManage Work and addresses the challenge posed by modern day attacks, including those that start with phishing, where the attacker has already compromised the network perimeter. According to the company, iManage Threat Manager leverages historical and contextual information in iManage Work to provide protection and threat detection, not available with standard SIEM, threshold or behavioral analysis tools, resulting in more accurate and faster identification of both external and internal threats, and reducing the number of “false positives” that plague many other approaches by applying adaptive behavioral modeling and machine learning.

Both Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager will become generally available in the first half of 2017 for on premises deployment or on the iManage Cloud. For more details, including pre-release information, visit https://imanage.com/product/imanage-govern.  

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