iManage Releases Upgraded Cloud Platform for Legal Professionals

iManage is enhancing its cloud offerings for professionals across law firms, corporate legal, accounting, and financial services with a solution that empowers organizations to utilize iManage’s leading work product management solutions.

“We operate in an environment that’s really changed a bit in the last 10 years,” said Dan Carmel, CMO of iManage. “We have been focused on enhancing our core products and we are beginning to innovate in new product areas.”

The iManage Cloud offers functionality both online and offline, allowing the solution to deliver scalable, reliable performance, according to iManage.

Offering a hybrid approach on iManage gives users access on premise and in the cloud, Carmel said.

Platform features include functionality across document management, email management and knowledge management, integrations with other professional tools, including Microsoft Office and Exchange; time and billing; ethical walls; metadata scrubbing; and document comparison products, control over content that can be on-premises and in iManage’s secure private cloud, flexibility to schedule upgrades and software versions, and offers the choice of domicile/data sovereignty, with data centers.

The new release includes upgrades to performance speed, lower latency to major metropolitan areas  on the East Coast and the Midwest, enhanced high availability and disaster recovery, new compliance with industry standards, and advanced system monitoring and alerting.

All iManage Work Product Management applications are available in the iManage Cloud, including iManage Work for document and email management, iManage Share for secure file sharing and collaboration, iManage Insight for enterprise search and knowledge management, and iManage Govern for archiving and records management.

The aim, according to iManage, is to solve the challenges of moving work product management to the cloud, including the issue of stewardship over content, handling large files, and access to documents whether connected or disconnected from the internet. “The goal is to make things easy to use but still fully governed,” Carmel said.

For more information about iManage Cloud, visit www.imanage.com.

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