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erwin and Snowflake partner to improve cloud data governance

erwin has formed a partnership with Snowflake to help enterprises accelerate cloud migration, as well as ensure proper data governance for those projects. The partnership involves a new native integration with erwin Data Modeler (erwin DM) to automate the design, analysis and deployment of Snowflake, as well as an erwin Data Connector for automatically extracting Snowflake metadata for ingestion into the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI).

erwin provides integrated enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling with data cataloging and data literacy for risk management and digital transformation.

Snowflake provides a cloud data platform to support organizations' multi-cloud strategies, including a "cross-cloud approach" to mix and match clouds.

“Cloud technology is key to helping organizations cope with COVID disruption, and we are seeing more and more demand for the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform among our customer base," said Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin. This partnership and integrations will accelerate Snowflake cloud transformations by providing customers with the necessary data modeling, code generation, data mapping, lineage, documentation, and impact analysis that is critical to a sustainable data governance program, Famularo noted.

According to the companies, the native erwin DM integration lets customers automate the creation of Snowflake-specific data models; forward-engineer or generate code for Snowflake database schema; reverse-engineer existing Snowflake schema into erwin models; and compare, analyze and synchronize Snowflake models with the databases they represent.

The erwin Data Connector for Snowflake automatically scans and ingests metadata from Snowflake platforms into erwin DI, enabling data mapping to and from Snowflake databases to generate data movement code, lineage and impact analysis. And because erwin DM and erwin DI are integrated, there’s a complete picture of physical, semantic and business metadata in every Snowflake instance, and the creation and association of terms within the business glossary can be accelerated. 

For a free 30-day trial of erwin DM with native support for Snowflake, go to https://erwin.com/erwin-data-modeler-free-trial.

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