dtSearch supports PDF 2.0 documents for search

dtSearch is adding PDF 2.0 support to its product line, allowing users to search within new PDF formats.

Coming 25 years after Adobe created the original PDF document format, Version 2.0 is a major new release of the PDF file type. The component of the dtSearch product line that directly adds this new PDF 2.0 support is dtSearch’s document filters.

dtSearch’s proprietary document filters enable dtSearch products to instantly search terabytes of online and offline data.

Specifically, the document filters give dtSearch products the ability to parse, extract, convert and display with highlighted hits full-text content and metadata in “Office” files, PDF 2.0 as well as older PDF formats, compression archives, emails and multilayer nested attachments, databases and online data.

The document filters are built into dtSearch enterprise and developer products as well as available for separate developer SDK licensing across a number of different platforms. APIs cover .NET Standard/.NET Core/Xamarin, other .NET, C++ and Java.

 In addition to the document filters, general enterprise and developer features include:

  • Terabyte indexer and multithreaded searching.
  • Over 25 search options with International Language Support.
  • Faceted search and other data classification options.
  • Federated Searching and the dtSearch Spider.

For more information about this news, visit www.dtsearch.com.

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