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dtSearch Adds Automatic Hash Generation and Searching

dtSearch, a provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval software and document filters,  has introduced new dtSearch product line versions with hash value support.  The new versions can generate hash values - unique numeric codes for forensic identification of files - as part of the indexing process, and then append the hash values as searchable metadata, without modification of the original files or their underlying hash values.

According to the company, dtSearch products can index terabytes of data spanning multiple directories, emails, and nested attachments, online data and other databases.  Indexing and searching do not alter files or other data, and do not affect hash values.  The V. 7.86 release can generate and search as metadata MD5 hash values while the V. 7.87 beta adds generation and searching of SHA-256 hashes.  As with "normal" dtSearch indexing and searching, the new options do not alter underlying files and other data, or affect hash values.

The MD5/SHA-256 hash generation and searching options work with dtSearch Desktop with Spider and dtSearch Network with Spider for searching PC and network-based content.  The hash options also apply to dtSearch Web with Spider for searching data across an Internet/Intranet site, and to dtSearch Publish for publishing data to portable media.

dtSearch's developer SDK product, the dtSearch Engine, has 64-bit and 32-bit .NET, C++ and Java APIs, with SDKs for Linux, Windows and UWP, along with Mac and Android in beta.  The dtSearch Engine developer APIs include the new hash algorithm integration both as part of the indexing APIs and as part of the document filter APIs (for developers in need of data extraction, conversion and display without search).     

For more information, go to www.dtsearch.com.

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