• September 17, 2007
  • News

Xythos to support JSR-170

Xythos Software has announced its support for JSR-170 level 2 in its WebFile Server platform. The Java Specification Request (JSR)-170 standard defines a uniform application programming interface (API) for access to content repositories intended to simplify how content is accessed and managed.

Xythos’ introduction of level 2 support for JSR-170 makes it possible for developers seeking alternatives to create their own content management systems. Organizations intent on consolidating content repositories will also find it easier to migrate content into JSR-170 compliant systems.

Further, says Xythos, programmers can avoid wasting time developing custom application programming interfaces and data conversions and instead focus on application-level development knowing that applications designed to work with the standard will be portable across JSR-170 compliant systems. Xythos also supports advanced JSR-170 options including versioning, query, locking and transactions not required in level 2.

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