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  • August 18, 2008
  • News

X1 takes on SharePoint Search

X1 Technologies will unveil two new Content Connectors for customers who require a unified enterprise search solution that encompasses Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

X1 reports the first to be generally available is the new X1 Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 that works in conjunction with the X1 Enterprise Server to provide a centralized search solution for the enterprise. This new Content Connector goes beyond the functionality of the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2003, says X1, by indexing all data stored within SharePoint while providing a unified (federated) method for searching data both within SharePoint and throughout the enterprise. Enterprises can search for any type of content that may reside in SharePoint, e-mail, personal computers, file servers or enterprise applications. The new server-based Content Connector provides indexing and full X1 search capabilities to all data (over 400 file types) within Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

Along with the server-based Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 is the new client-side Content Connector, now available for beta, which allows users of the X1 Professional Client to directly query the Microsoft SharePoint 2007 search engine without the need for a server component. The difference with this direct query to SharePoint 2007 vs. the server-based connector is in the indexing and controls over the viewable data. The Content Connector for the X1 Professional Client will be limited to the access provided by Microsoft SharePoint query protocols and does not provide the full X1 query language capabilities.

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