• January 30, 2008
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WorkFlow Library from InforSense

InforSense has unveiled an online central repository that enables organizations to replicate analytical processes across large enterprises. The new product, WorkFlow Library, captures corporate knowledge about scientific applications developed in InforSense by enabling internally developed workflows to be stored and shared in a secure on-site environment, improving collaboration, knowledge sharing and use of best practices.

The Workflow Library is based on the community-oriented InforSense Customer Hub, which offers all InforSense users access to a vast repository of existing workflows, as well as a forum to share best practices with other users. The WorkFlow Library comes pre-populated with workflows and best practices found in the Customer Hub, which currently has more 100 companies sharing best practices.

A key benefit of the new platform, says the company, is the reusability of workflows, which enables organizations to share analytical processes within its business. The Workflow Library is an online central repository for workflows created by the InforSense platform.

InforSense reports that key features include:

Centralized resource center. All workflows, discussions and other information related to the InforSense implementation are consolidated in a single location. It offers a single front end to manage all workflows and documents and provides easy access to software documentation.

Secure and easy-to-use collaborative environment. Best practices can be shared between groups working in the same or similar fields to improve implementation speed and accuracy. The Workflow Library provides granular levels of access to different users. Different departments, locations, as well as outsourced groups can easily be assigned different access privileges, down to the page level within the Workflow Library.

Pre-populated content and automatic updates.The WorkFlow Library leverages the existing foundation from InforSense's Customer Hub and comes pre-populated with analytical workflows and best practices. It is automatically updated with the latest information found in the Customer Hub.

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