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  • October 13, 2008
  • News

WCM for (editorial) dummies

Nstein Technologies has released WCM 4.0, a robust digital publishing solution for newspapers, magazines and online content providers. The new version is designed to increase editorial productivity by providing intuitive tools for the creation and management of complex sites and microsites.

The solution offers a new, role-based interface for editorial teams and includes:

  • multisite/multichannel content management;
  • out-of-the-box conversion and importation of content from popular XML formats;
  • role-based, configurable editorial dashboards that mirror physical workflows;
  • automatic search/association of assets;
  • on-the-fly content association;
  • real-time semantically generated tags and metadata;
  • faceted search--advanced XML site search, topic clustering, most rated and most viewed stories; and
  • a search engine optimization toolkit--keyword density, "friendly" URLs and optimized HTML structure.
WCM 4.0 allows rapid creation of Web sites and other Web-related deliverables such as newsletters, mobile sites and microsites. Further, says Nstein, the offering tightly integrates with its TME (text mining engine) to automatically generate semantic tags, allowing editors to quickly associate content to the appropriate consumer.

The company says the user interface allows content experts to manage content from creation to distribution. It has built-in tagging and metadata management allowing easy association and bundling of content. WCM’s open design allows integration with virtually any new type of content modules (Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, wikis) and other content management systems (editorial systems, ECM, repositories).

WCM 4.0 integrates seamlessly with both TME and Nstein’s digital asset management solution to allow on-the-fly semantic tagging and semantic association of stories. Additionally, the open architecture allows integration with third-party tools, other content management systems and repositories.

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