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  • January 23, 2012
  • News

Voice of the customer: beyond words to concepts

iPerceptions reports it has added “Concept Clouds” to its Voice of the Customer feedback 4Q Suite and webValidator Continuous Listening solutions. The company says Concept Clouds create more accurate and actionable aggregations of the open-ended feedback compared with traditional Word Clouds.

iPerceptions says Word Clouds have been a valuable part of 4Q Suite and webValidator solutions for several years, allowing clients to visually quantify open-ended feedback. Word Clouds do not, however, group together common misspellings, typos and synonyms, and as a result, words with similar meanings appear separately. For example, “able,” “ability,” “alibity” and “can” would appear as four separate words within a Word Cloud.

By employing concept libraries derived from actual visitor responses (based on what are claimed to be millions of surveys collected by iPerceptions over a four-year period), words that belong to similar concepts are grouped together. With Concept Clouds, the words “able,” “ability,” “alibity” and “can” appear under the concept “ABLE,” giving appropriate visibility to the themes within the feedback. iPerceptions adds that Concept Clouds can be created instantly and are available at no additional cost to new and existing clients.

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