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VirtualWorks Launches Commercial Encrypted Enterprise Search Platform Built on Hitachi Technology

VirtualWorks has introduced an encrypted version of ViaWorks called ViaWorks Secure, which was developed with Hitachi's Searchable Encryption technology.

According to the vendor, with the prevalence of self-service portals in government and healthcare, online shopping, and streaming media consumption, corporate governance and federal regulations, it has become essential to provide easy access to information while also protecting personal or sensitive data. ViaWorks Secure offers the same benefits of the ViaWorks flagship product with additional encrypted protection.

"Organizations want to save money by moving their data to the cloud, but what they can't afford is lax security or slow search times when they do," said Robert Wescott, vice president for global marketing and partnerships at VirtualWorks. "Now, for the first time, companies can deploy a commercial encrypted enterprise search solution to enable employees to quickly and securely search for content."

ViaWorks Secure is based on AES, an encryption standard established by NIST. ViaWorks Secure includes a special randomization process, which makes the encrypted data resistant to advanced statistical attacks. Attackers are therefore unable to access data even if they are carrying out large numbers of guesses and tests upon the data, or by analyzing it from a statistical perspective.

The new product provides key management and encryption APIs that store encryption keys securely and encrypt the original data, respectively.  Users determine which field is encrypted, such as Index Files, Search Keyword, or Transaction Logs. 

A 30-day trial evaluation version of the platform with encryption is expected to be available in Q2 2016 at http://blog.virtualworks.com/free-trial-sign-up. The evaluation version will enable customers to assess how this new technology can help to enhance their data management.

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