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Verint to deploy intelligent virtual assistant to provide personalized customer experiences

Verint, The Customer Engagement Company, is introducing advanced capabilities for Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), which will be available starting on April 19, delivering a conversation design platform that enables teams to design, deploy, and improve IVAs faster, collaboratively and at scale.

Verint IVA is part of Verint Customer Engagement Platform powered by Verint Da Vinci AI to activate insights and automate experiences across the enterprise.

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) helps organizations gain confidence in their ability to provide high quality customer experiences, according to the company.

Verint IVA allows for the quick and efficient deployment of automation across an organization’s digital and voice channels to deliver consistent and personalized self-service experiences, while also optimizing contact center operations.

Equipped with pre-built natural language understanding (NLU) models and extensive AI and analytics fueled by Verint Da Vinci, Verint IVA allows an organization to scale a hybrid workforce, consisting of humans and virtual assistants, to provide differentiated customer experiences while easily integrating with a company’s existing systems.

Verint IVA also includes a low-code, drag-and-drop editor called IVA Studio, which is equipped with an intuitive, visualized user interface that enables large enterprises and SMBs to quickly launch, tune, and improve their bots in-house, on their own terms resulting in immediate ROI.

Based on more than two decades of real-world AI experience, Verint IVA delivers mature NLU models specific to industry use cases in banking, insurance, healthcare, among others.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate into current chatbot solutions, these NLU models produce attentive, hyper-personalized and human-like conversations, according to the company. The solution also enables end users to build and manage voice AI flows to support an omnichannel approach. For example, augmenting the IVA experience by handing over complex chatbot conversations to a live agent with the proper context.

"Rolling out more digital channels doesn’t always guarantee an improvement in customer engagement. Modern consumers expect seamless digital interactions, regardless of channel,” says Verint’s Heather Richards, vice president, go-to-market strategy, digital first engagement. “Brands need a way to scale customer interactions across channels and Verint IVA introduces AI-powered conversational experiences—driving a better customer experience and automating processes in the contact center.”

For more information about this news, visit www.verint.com.

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