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  • April 17, 2019
  • News

Verint launches AI Blueprint to help increase AI’s value to organizations  

Verint Systems has announced the launch of AI Blueprint, a conversation analysis system that identifies intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) use cases and accelerates automation.

AI Blueprint is aimed at helping companies to unlock the value of conversational data and uncover insights that can help them achieve their goals. The system delivers a “blueprint” of how and where businesses can get started with AI or continue to grow their AI capabilities, while reducing risk and improving operational efficiency.

While AI adoption across the enterprise continues to grow, HFS Research projects that, by 2020, more than 50% of enterprise adopters will face AI fatigue. Making informed decisions about how to leverage AI effectively remains challenging, costly, and time-consuming, and many businesses invest in AI systems that don’t serve their underlying business needs, and these systems are soon abandoned.

The AI Blueprint leverages AI and machine learning for analysis, classification, and labeling of any company’s structured and unstructured conversational data, and helps determine whether the organization could benefit from deploying AI.  If AI Blueprint identifies that there is a business need for AI, the analysis system returns customized recommendations,identifying which use cases will generate the most business value. It develops a range key performance indicators adapted to the business goals, and generates a roadmap for implementing and/or further developing AI-powered IVAs in ways that ensure long-term success.

The ability to identify how AI can be leveraged to support specific business goals is an ongoing industry challenge, said Tracy Malingo, SVP of product strategy at Verint, who noted that Verint seeks to help customers effectively automate areas of the business with the greatest potential for ROI.

For more information, go to www.verint.com.

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