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Veeva Introduces Single Application to Manage All Clinical Trial Data

Veeva Systems has announced a next-generation cloud application to streamline clinical data management and accelerate study execution. Veeva Vault CDMS eliminates the need for multiple tools with a single clinical data management application that combines coding, EDC, data cleaning, and reporting. Companies can now have one application that allows them to manage study build through execution and gain a complete and concurrent view of all clinical data within a trial.

According to Henry Levy, general manager of Veeva Vault CDMS, the application will allow the industry to move away from the complex patchwork of systems and integrations that limit companies’ ability to leverage the range of clinical data available throughout the course of a trial. The solution will provide the key capabilities they need to bring together all their clinical data so research teams can make more informed decisions, he noted.

Veeva Vault CDMS aims to provide a complete and concurrent view of data throughout the trial with one application for data capture, coding, cleaning, reporting, and management, allowing companies to bring data together and have daily access to all their clinical data during a trial, instead of waiting weeks or months.

Vault CDMS combines Vault Coder, which streamlines medical coding to ensure clinical teams and CROs are using up-to-date, consistent medical terms across all their studies; Vault EDC, which maintains and manages all clinical data, including non-CRF data, in one central location; and Vault Data Workbench, planned for availability in late 2019, which will bring together all trial data into a formatted data lake for integrated cleaning, reporting, and export.

Vault CDMS is part of Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, which also includes Vault CTMS, Vault eTMF, and Vault Study Startup, to unify clinical data management and clinical operations on a cloud platform.

Vault CDMS is now available with Vault EDC and Vault Coder. Expanded capability with Vault Data Workbench is planned for availability in late 2019. More information is available at www.veeva.com/VaultCDMS.  

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