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  • August 21, 2014
  • News

User-centric KM, collaboration

Bloomfire has launched new features to its software focused on content creation, discovery, community and mobile, all designed to improve how teams work together to efficiently share and leverage group expertise. Bloomfire reports it worked closely with customers to add and enhance features that foster teamwork with a simple, user-centric experience.

The company says new content creation features include rich authoring, which gives posts a more editorial look and feel. Further, the new version provides a simple user experience similar to writing a blog with a popular consumer platform. Customers also now can configure their home page in a way that makes sense for their community and use case. The company adds home page customization offers more filtering, browsing, and as an organization, more control over how people consume information.

Bloomfire cites the following community features:

  • tagging community members—allows customers to engage with one another very directly on Bloomfire;
  • crowdsourced tags—enable customers to add tags to posts they didn’t author in order to make them easier to find in the future; and
  • LinkedIn groups—permit administrators of LinkedIn groups to launch a free Bloomfire community, upload information and enable updates to be pushed back to the group.

Bloomfire adds that its iOS and Android mobile applications further extend communication and collaboration.

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