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  • August 5, 2015
  • News

Upgraded archiving platform from Smarsh

Hosted archiving solution provider for compliance and e-discovery Smarsh has announced what it describes as a new generation of its Archiving Platform that includes enhanced standard features across all archived content, as well as new levels of performance, easier self-service and standardized core platform packages, according to the company.

The company reports customers can choose the appropriate set of features for their licensed use of the platform to meet the demands of their company’s specific regulatory, legal or records retention requirements.

Archiving customers choose from three core platform packages—Starter, Professional or Enterprise—offering varying capabilities and usage levels, and then select from add-on modules to enhance the features of the core platform package.

For instance, a large financial services firm that must supervise electronic communications would find a good fit with the Enterprise package plus the Supervision module, which enhances The Archiving Platform core functions with powerful team-based compliance review capabilities and dashboard tools. All standard Archiving Platform packages include support for 40-plus different content types including e-mail, instant messages, text/SMS messages, Web, video and various forms of social media. All standard packages feature retention- and search-ready indexing of all archived data and powerful ad hoc search and review capabilities. New administrative interfaces and self-service features also enable companies to manage users, groups, roles and data exports on their own.

Smarsh explains that customers’ monthly charge for The Archiving Platform will be based on their core platform package, supported content licenses and add-on modules. Professional services packages are also available to help customers get the maximum benefit from the platform.

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