• August 30, 2006
  • News

Unleashing UIMA

In a move designed to facilitate development of new search applications, Nstein has launched 12 annotators that are compliant with the open source Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) standard developed by IBM.

Nstein says its annotators will allow organizations adopting the UIMA standard to considerably expand their content discovery capabilities associated with market intelligence, customer intelligence and early warning applications. The topic-based categorization annotators are now available for the automated tagging of concepts, names of people and organizations, geographic locations, dates and currencies in unstructured documents.

Nstein has also developed sentiment-based categorization annotators for the tagging of objective and subjective statements in documents, as well as overall negative or positive statements. Other annotators launched by Nstein include fact finding—annotating facts related to human resources movements (hiring, firing, promotion) as well as financial information (mergers and acquisitions, investments, etc.).

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