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UneeQ introduces AI platform that deploys a digital human interface for customer service

UneeQ, a U.S.- and New Zealand-based digital human company, is launching a conversational AI digital human creator platform the UneeQ Creator.

UneeQ Creator enables any business to truly realize the value of digital humans, gain greater efficiencies and increase productivity by harnessing artificial intelligence that scales in ways humans can’t.

Equipped with native integrations into Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and many others, UneeQ Creator offers machine learning functionality and the ability to easily create and deploy unique digital human employees or brand ambassadors capable of recreating natural human interaction across any industry.

“The use case potential for digital employees is immeasurable,” said Danny Tomsett, founder and CEO, UneeQ. “For example, imagine if the next time you went to order fast food, instead of using a touch screen, your order was taken by the friendly face of a digital human who could provide recommendations. Or what if hospitals leveraged digital humans as health assistants capable of providing empathetic, around-the-clock support for patients before and after surgery. All of these scenarios are rapidly becoming reality and are in development as we speak, with growing possibilities across many new emerging needs in a post-pandemic world every day.”

With Creator, UneeQ demystifies the complexity of conversational artificial intelligence and empowers organizations of all sizes to drive deeper emotional connections with their target audiences via highly customizable digital employees.

Additionally, UneeQ Creator enables companies with an existing chatbot to easily integrate their natural language processing software and effortlessly turn their lifeless chatbot into an interactive digital human.

The platform offers NLP integration across all major platforms including Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework, IBM Watson Assistant and other vertical-specific options.

Those who are new to conversational AI can also explore and experiment on UneeQ Creator’s intuitive platform, leveraging native Google Dialogflow integration to create an array of conversational intents and replies.

For more information about this platform, visit https://digitalhumans.com/.

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