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  • October 13, 2010
  • News

Truly unified information access

Attivio has unveiled five unified information access (UIA) solutions, based on its flagship Active Intelligence Engine (AIE).

They include:

AIE for Enterprise Information Integration, which is designed to overcome costly and time-consuming data normalization obstacles to deliver an agile and integrated view of the information needed for insight, decisions and actions, regardless of source or format.

AIE for Enterprise Performance Management, which ensures organizations can seamlessly capture and measure all relevant data and key performance indicators (KPIs), providing deep insight to optimize performance across the enterprise.

AIE for Enterprise Relationship Management, which provides a comprehensive and up-to-date way to coordinate insight on all aspects of relationships with other departments, partners and service providers, avoiding missed opportunities on new projects, discounts and negotiation leverage.

AIE for Customer Interaction Management, which delivers integrated information from all customer-related data and content systems, such as customer relationship management systems, transaction and fulfillment databases, e-mails, call logs, etc., to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and up-sell opportunities.

AIE for Social Brand Management, which offers a single, complete view of customers, brands and products/services by integrating social network content and entity-level sentiment analysis with more traditional sources of information, including databases, e-mail, documents and RSS feeds for sharper, more immediate detection of trends, issues, shifts in opinion and impact on sales.

Additional features available with Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine as well as these new solutions include the ability to close security gaps with rapid-update permissioning, so restricted material can be included in results for authorized staff. The platforms also provide the application of fuzzy + SQL queries to expand information exploration as well as improve navigation, discovery and relevancy of results. Further, all the offerings are supported by the company's new customizable Active Dashboards now available for any AIE implementation, which present all relevant information in interactive, graphical displays.

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