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Thoughtful Automation rebrands as Thoughtful, emphasizes automation is just part of its value

Thoughtful Automation announced that it is rebranding its name to Thoughtful, signaling the company’s long-term vision is broader than automation, and it is committed to improving work environments by providing a solution that strengthens businesses, prevents employee burnout, and makes creativity part of daily work.

“We are at a critical juncture in human history in which time and attention are at a massive deficit,” said Alex Zekoff, co-founder and CEO of Thoughtful. “To solve higher-order problems, we need to buy back time for people, so that they have greater opportunities to be creative. Shortening our name is a small but important change to advance our mission to build the world’s largest digital workforce and give people time to pursue more meaningful, higher-value work, while enabling the global developer community to expedite this transformation.”

Thoughtful customers can use the company’s cost-effective, efficient, and scalable automation-as-a-service platform to launch digital workers in a matter of weeks, according to the vendor.

This provides mid-sized companies with the opportunity to benefit from a digitally-augmented team. Digital workers, a future cornerstone of how we will work, can free up people’s time and enable companies to control costs, address remote work challenges, and overcome hiring struggles, the company noted.

For more information about this news, visit www.thoughtful.ai.

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