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This one's for you

We'd be rather disappointed if you don't immediately realize our Web site has been completely redesigned--we did it for you, our readers and visitors.

In the past year, we've seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our site and realized the existing model was, at best, a tad clumsy and, at worst, exasperating and cumbersome. So, this summer, Bill Spence, VP of IT for Information Today (www.infotoday.com) (KMWorld's parent company), and his team began crafting a homegrown content management system to make our content more navigable, accessible and useful.

First, on the left-hand nav bar, we've added "Research Centers," which are, essentially, the areas of technology we cover. Below those, we've added "Solutions"--vertical industries in which the content is appropriate. Plus, on the right, you'll notice links to the five most popular articles. We've tagged the past three years of articles for Research Centers and Solutions, and archives going back to 1998 are full-text searchable. And, we'll be adding new search features in the months ahead, such as cross-referencing Research Centers and Solutions.

Note, too, that we've added a feedback mechanism at the article level so you can ask questions, post comments and collaborate with others surrounding the topic. After the question or comment is reviewed by an editor (no slamming please), it will be posted on the site.

I don't doubt for a second that you'll find KMWorld.com a vast improvement over the old site, and we'll be constantly adding features and enhancing functionality. It's designed for you, so please e-mail me your suggestions (hugh_mckellar@kmworld.com). I can't reply to them all, but I do promise to review and consider each and every one. It's conceivable there may be a glitch here or there, so please bring those to my attention, as well.

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