Taxonomy and its Applications in Business

When companies accumulate data, categorizing terms and adding languages are becoming essential to the business.

Taxonomy using metadata to formulate search, integrate new languages for content distribution, or boosting cognitive computing was the focus of a series of use cases during Taxonomy Boot Camp 2018.

Taxonomy Boot Camp 2018 is a part of a unique program of five co-located conferences that includes KMWorld 2018Enterprise Search & DiscoveryText Analytics Forum ’18, and Office 365 Symposium.

Jamie Halgren, taxonomist, and Kate Liba, product manager, Taxonomy, Gartner, presented “Greater Together: Integrating Topic Taxonomies at Gartner.”

When Gartner acquired CEB in 2017 it began the complex process of integrating people, products and platforms. To enable the migration of hundreds of thousands of content objects and expand client experience, the team had to reconcile two vocabularies and recognize the hierarchy.

To do this, Halgreen and Liba explained that they created mapping and worked on the project several days a week, creating spreadsheets to track created nodes.

They prepped an auto tagger and extracted synonyms from CEB’s auto tagging tool to reformat synonyms.

“It’s imperative to keep asking questions during the process,” Liba said.

Edward Moore, content analyst, publishing technologies, SAGE Publishing, and Daniel Mayer, CMO and SVP product, Expert Systems, discussed, “Driving Discovery: Combining Taxonomy and Textual AI at SAGE.

The goals for SAGE included improving user experience, drive discovery and usage, and do justice to their content, Moore and Mayer explained.

They streamlined content by combining text analytics with social sciences taxonomy to effectively reveal connections between concepts across disciplines and content repositories and link journal articles, case studies, reports, podcasts, and numerical data.

In “Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Reusable Language Metadata at HBO,Yonah Levenson, manager, taxonomy, and Laura Dawson, metadata analyst, HBO described how they recently created a system to describe language-related content to accommodate the overseas market.

They created a vocabulary management tool set for languages and sub-titles cross referencing research and using spreadsheets.

Many presentations have already been made available online at www.taxonomybootcamp.com/2018/Presentations.aspx and others will become available after the presentations are given.

KM World 2019 will be held November 5-7, 2019 at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC, with pre-conference workshops on November 4.

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