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Tangoe Platform adds new capabilities for cloud services expense management

Tangoe, which provides a complete solution for order, invoice, inventory, and expense management across telecom, mobile, and cloud environments, has unveiled a major enhancement to its Tangoe Platform for cloud to help organizations solve cloud challenges such as the lack of centralized visibility, overspending on budget, and overestimating capacity and business needs.

Tangoe’s solution helps enterprises effectively manage expenses for their complex cloud environments by shedding light on spend, usage, allocations and more, revealing issues that organizations may be unaware of.

The enhanced cloud application delivers the capabilities of the original Cloud Expense Management (CEM) solution along with new features powered by enhanced automation and an all-new reporting and analytics engine.

“Driven by customer demand and backed by our long history of innovation in expense management, the Tangoe Platform with its enhanced Cloud application delivers a complete solution that offers optimization as well as expense management,” said Ivan Latanision, chief product officer at Tangoe. “With this solution, Tangoe is helping our customers optimize the cloud, reach new levels of business intelligence and power their business.”

Tangoe’s solution offers visibility into cloud spend by linking all cloud expenses and assets to departments or cost centers, helping organizations effectively leverage available cloud resources, control usage and spend, identify trends and accurately forecast future needs; providing cost allocation and analysis, which transforms complex cloud billing data into meaningful information through tagging, reporting and analytics to enable more informed business decisions; ways to optimize usage and spend through governance policies and procedures, which allows an organization to manage the acquisition and utilization of cloud assets and approve, allocate and forecast cloud resources and expenses. 

New features announced today include customizable alerts, allowing customers to act on rising cloud costs, daily data pulls allow organizations to be efficient in their cloud spend, right-sizing their cloud footprint by showing what cost centers are using which resources; and an all-new reporting and analytics engine that provides comprehensive cloud service data so organizations can pinpoint opportunities for savings, identify hidden issues, and make proactive decisions.

To learn more about Tangoe, visit www.tangoe.com.

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